Win or lose it’s how you play poker that really matters!

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Governor of Poker

My personal favorite, as it offers a different dimension to poker. You become part of the story and can play offline. You tour the land playing in different towns and saloons, which give you a real western feel to poker, the way it once was.

Some of the ads can be annoying, but it’s a great game to play anytime, anywhere


Fresh Deck Poker

Fresh Deck Poker is a great game for social poker players. Customize your own unique avatar, and make your personality shine as you battle the poker tables.

The play is slick and exciting, and allows cross platform play: start a game on your iphone, and continue it via another mobile, an ipad or even your PC!


Appeak Poker

Whilst most people simply click Play Now and launch into a quick game of texas hold’em, we love the fact that you can play for your country against other countries. Makes it great fun and entertaining, and our # 1 poker app.

Appeak is fast and you can be playing within seconds of opening the app. Some people might find the barebone graphics a bit of a detractor but we like it much better than some of the needlessly complicated iPhone poker sites.


TX Poker

With awesome design, and music, TX Poker is a favorite poker app.

With texas holdem, and tournament poker available, this app is great for the social user. With anough players available 24/7, it’s a great addition to your game play.


Share My Pair

If you are new to poker, or even a lifelong player, Share My Pair is for you. It allows you to share details of your poker hand with friends, colleagues and family, and get their feedback on it.
Great if you want feedback on the way you play, or even when you want to show off your moves.
A great poker game asset that every poker player should have

The Holy Grail of Poker Play

For greenhorns, poker can appear to be an intimidating game. A group of between 2 and 10 players are seated around an oblong table, with frenzied betting activity, stare downs, expletives, and monster bluffs. The poker scene can be a little off-putting to the newbie, since the gameplay appears to be so structured and rigid.

Fortunately, poker games are as fluid as the players participating in them. Moods and emotions ebb and flow, play toggles between loose and passive to tight and aggressive. Poker psychology is used at opportune moments to gain the ascendancy, and sometimes players go on tilt when their emotions get the better of them. If this all seems a little overwhelming, let’s take a moment to consider the best poker tips and tactics to boost your gameplay.

Mind Over Matter

Poker is a mind game. It’s as much about playing your cards as it is playing the players at the table. In fact, it’s probably a fusion of both. Sure, in Texas Hold’em you are dealt 2 hole cards and in Omaha you’re dealt 4 hole cards. In both instances you will have 5 community cards (The Flop, Turn and River) available to you. In Texas Hold’em you don’t have to use your hole cards to form the best 5 card hand.

In Omaha, you are required to use precisely 2 hole cards and exactly 3 pocket cards to form the strongest possible 5-card hand. Those are the differences between the two games. Your betting actions include: check, call, raise, bet, re-raise, or fold among others. Remember, your success as a poker player is evident in your ability to adapt to the situation at hand. The more fluid your gameplay, the better you become.

What Should You Do As a New Poker Player?

The most important rules of play are the obvious rules: practice, practice, practice. Start by understanding hand rankings. In most poker games, these include: A Royal Flush, A Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, A Full House, A Flush, A Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair and a High Card. It’s worth your while checking out the precise cards that make up those hand rankings. Once you know what type of hands you can form, it will be much easier to start compiling a winning strategy.

As a newbie, you want to avoid playing every hand that you’re dealt. In fact, you should fold probably 75% of the starting hands you receive and only play premium hands. Anyone who expects to win every time they play a game of poker is missing the point: it’s about the interaction, the experience, and the learning that makes poker so enticing. As your gameplay improves, so too will your winning ratio.

Ever heard those players say that poker is a game of numbers? Well it is! Poker is full of mathematics, probability analysis, statistics and the like. It all begins with the first 2 cards you are dealt in a game of Texas Hold’em. If you’re dealt a premium pair, your chances of winning are greatly improved. Once you get past the pre-flop stage of play, you will have to develop a sound poker strategy to keep things going.

The professionals know how to bait the fish by luring them in to seed the pot. As a new player, you should never bite at these prospects. Rather wait for other players around the table to throw in their chips on weak starting hands. Your time will come. When you play emotionally, you are bound to go on tilt. This means you lose your center of gravity and play catch-up poker, or with the wrong strategy.

Don’t Overestimate the Power of a Bluff

Even if you’ve never played poker before, you’ve probably heard about the art of bluffing. It is an art, and it’s a technique best employed when your opponents least expect it. A player who consistently bluffs consistently loses. Poker players are a savvy lot of individuals. They understand the mechanics of the mind far better than other casino card games. If you bluff infrequently, and effectively, your success rates will improve dramatically.

Learn to calculate pot odds, understand how early position, middle position and late position can benefit you, and recognize patterns of betting. Your style of play will match your gameplay at the table. Sometimes you will need to play tight, aggressive, loose, or passive. An eclectic style is your best bet in ensuring your success as a poker player!